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Solving Error [OR-IEH-01] On Google Domains

The following problem occurs with the message, Eror An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-01]. It was an error on the debit card registered with the payment method on Google Domains. And on this occasion I have solved the problem.

Solved Google Domains Solved Google Domains Resolve Error [OR-IEH-01] In Google Domains

Previously I have solved the problem with Error An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-01]. So here friends have 2 options in solving existing problems.

1. Troubleshooting By Removing the Old Debit Card

In this first method, you delete the expired debit card and add a new debit card. Friends can follow these steps:

To enter the payment method page, friends can visit the following link : https://pay.google.com/payments/#paymentMethods.

To enter the payment method page, friends can visit. If you have entered the Payment Methods page, then there is an expired Debit Card, here friends can immediately delete the expired debit card, or add an active period. the following.

Remove Debit Card

Next, they are ordered to add a new debit card, because it is a requirement as a substitute for an expired Debit Card.

Please add a debit card, according to the credit card you have.

Add Debit Card

Save and Remove Debit Card

If it is successful, it will display the following results. And the next stage is that friends can continue the domain payment process.

Success Save and Remove Debit Card

If you have friends, you can continue the payment process according to the debit card that you added earlier. And please click Buy to continue the transaction...

Buy Domain

2. Troubleshooting By creating a New Email

If you already have a new email, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Domain Register Page

Please open the link https://domains.google.com/registrar/awonapa.com/settings then scroll down to the User section. Like the image below:

add user
Please add a user by clicking Add User and fill in the email as below:
Add user with email
if you click add and click yes
Konfirmasi Email

Make sure the email address is correct, and make sure it works.

2. Make Payment with new email

If you are done with the steps above, the next step is to enter the dashboard from Google Domains:

https://domains.google.com/registrar/  and select the domain you want to renew. and go to the Registration Settings menu. Then click Add Year, and select the extension as desired.

add year

Please add your existing credit or debit card here.

add kredit

If you have already made the payment. And done.

Maybe that's all I can share, it's actually quite easy if we know the procedure. haha. Thank you for visiting and reading my writing, sorry if there are errors, please correct them by commenting.

Special Regards! Awonapa.

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